“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process,
you don’t know what you’re doing”
W. Edwards Deming

3 New Handbook Guides

It's been a busy old winter period – although the number of new guides published might not reflect this. To celebrate the onset of spring we have released 3 new guides over the past two weeks, with a lot more in production. The latest guides … [Continue reading]

New contribution: The Devil’s Guide to Spreadsheet Creation

Huge thanks to Patrick O'Beirne for the latest contribution to the handbook - The Devil's Guide To Spreadsheet Creation. This is a great, light-hearted way to end the year. Patrick really nails the annoying things we've all seen people do when it … [Continue reading]

New contribution: How to reduce file size in Excel

One week ago we formally launched the modelling handbook project. I must admit I was somewhat nervous. It's always easier to tell yourself that something is a good idea before you've released it into the world. So far the feedback has been … [Continue reading]

Introducing the Financial Modelling Handbook

Nobody is as smart as everybody - Kevin Kelly, Wired Magazine Although I started boring people about my ideas for this project more than 2 years ago, I've only started promoting the Handbook more widely in the last month. So if you're visiting the … [Continue reading]

10 reasons why I’m crowd-sourcing this book

1. New ideas. I've been teaching modelling for a long time, but every time I run a course I come across a new approach, a new idea, a new way of doing something. Sometimes these new ideas don't make better models, or better modelling, but sometimes … [Continue reading]

New F1F9 ebook: S-curve modelling in oil and gas

Oil and gas projects can require investment of many billions of dollars, and can have development times of a decade or more. The amount and timing of the capex spend are critical model inputs and are therefore crucial to the decision making … [Continue reading]

Model Optimisation – Turning theory into practice

Posted by Andrew Berkley, Managing director at F1F9 Coming to accountancy studies late in life, I found myself in the classroom for my 30th birthday. We were on a light industrial estate on the outskirts of Cambridge and the topics for the day - … [Continue reading]

New F1F9 ebook: Business Analysis Lifecycle

The Business Analysis Lifecycle framework was developed by Tom Grossman. Like all works of great insight – it now seems obvious. However, when we first came across it, it was a real moment of revelation. It makes clear and explicit what had been … [Continue reading]

3 top tips to improve your financial modelling

It may seem a little odd that one of the key foundations of business over the last 25 years has been the humble spreadsheet. Yet it is hard to find a key financial decision that has not been based on calculations made in this ubiquitous software … [Continue reading]

New F1F9 ebook: Why fixed price modelling contracts are bad for everyone

When we published the Introduction to Agile Financial Modelling ebook last month we noticed a common thread in the feedback we received from Financial Modelling professionals: “We agree with what you’re saying about Agile modelling, but our … [Continue reading]